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Welcome to Contigo Commerce!

Bringing talent and resources together to achieve entrepreneurial success.

What we do

We're the link between ideas and reality. We not only match entrepreneurs together with angel investors, we participate in the creative process and we bring our passion for opening successful businesses to your project.

We’re not your average small-business angel investment group; we’re your newest and future favorite long term creative partner. We’ll be there from the very start. We’ll not only fund and help expand to your ideas, we’ll also help you with the “grunt work” of setting up back-end accounting software, website construction, field testing products, competitive research, business plan construction and revision, and so much more!

Our Specialty

We have experience and expertise in a number of diverse fields and we are always excited to expand into new industries. From retail to foodservice, from journalism to sailing charters, from event ticket brokering to yacht sales, from web-based to “brick ‘n mortar,” we are the small-scale angel investment group with the versatility to work with you and your ideas no matter what they are.

- Our Newest Addition -

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Munchie’s Bus

Far more than a food truck – It’s a sign of Corpus Christi swagger coming back in a radical, colorful, and fun new way…

A Few of Our Other Projects...

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 www.Fest.Photos – Experience Music through Pictures.

“A festival isn’t just about art, its about the people experiencing it. Capture a moment of the experience and hold it still, so it can be shared and experienced again and again.”

Visit www.Fest.Photos to get a sample of what the most incredible music festivals in the country have to offer.

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Travel Blog

The blog that started it all! FollowContigo.com is a travel journal that follows the sailing vessel Contigo and her crew from one adventure to the next. Check out the blogs page to read along with us as we stumble our way from one paradise to the next!



Your Source for Anything Jabsco and Rule!

Our first online retail website, JabscoRulePumps.com is a fantastic source for bilge pumps, water pumps, blowers, macerators, and so much more! Be sure and check out JabscoRulePumps.com for your Marine and RV plumbing needs! You can count on the absolute lowest price we can afford, and we price match!

Interested in Working With Us?

Have an idea you’d like to discuss? Want to be one of the Angels in our investment group? Send a message to the email below. No requirements on what you should say or what to put in the subject line, and you don’t already need to have a Tax ID or account with us of any kind, just start communicating with us! We’ll get the ball rolling from there. We’ll be in business in no time 🙂